The Budgie That Made Three

Mr. Awesome knew it would happen at some point, he just didn’t think it would happen that soon.

Such was my husband’s amused response when I told him I wanted a pet bird. Being a stay-at-home wife was nice, but it was a lot of hours being alone in our condo while he was at work, and with the majority of the wedding gifts put away and my boxes unpacked, things were just beginning to feel too quiet. I spent a few days thinking through the options and came to the conclusion that a small parrot would be ideal for our current lifestyle. So could we pretty please get one?


I was raised with parrots in the house. My mother was, and still is, a great lover of psittacines. From the time I was born until my sophomore (freshman?) year of high school we housed no less than three budgerigars, three cockatiels, one cherry headed conure, two African greys, three macaws, two Java rice finches, and a love bird. Both of my parents were active members in the local bird club, bringing me along to the monthly meetings as well as several bird shows. Suffice it to say, I had a good idea of what Mr. Awesome and I would be getting into. Sort of.

Someone found a nest to hide in

It never ceases to amaze me how much God cares about the little things in our lives, how He is so involved in what we might see as the minor details. I prayed for a budgie, a male, that would be companionable and good natured, oh and it would be really great if he talked. And He gave us Giacomo.

Yes, they’re sharing a pillow and the budgie is snoozing

You pronounce it “Jachimo”. He’s named after the the jester Danny Kaye impersonates in The Court Jester (great movie, highly recommend it). He’s a sweetheart with a healthy dose of the characteristic brattiness that accompanies most parrots (it makes life interesting). And yes, he’s a he. Giacomo is an albino and therefore will not get the bright blue cere most other male budgerigars sport so handsomely.

And he talks.

For his first few months Giacomo stockpiled a large vocabulary of garbled sounds and various experimental noises. Every once and a while my husband and I would think he said a word, but it wasn’t a regular occurrence. Then one Sunday in December…….”Budgie!”. Ever since then we’ve heard “Budgie” repeatedly and in various forms: “Budgie budgie”, “Budgie bird”, “Baby budgie bird”, You’re a budgie bird”, “You’re a budgie, aren’t you?”.  More recently I tried to get him to say “Hello, good sir!” He doesn’t seem to care for “Hello” but he picked up “Good sir” in less than a week. Now the fun thing to do is plug “Good sir” into where he was putting “Budgie” before.

After his first bath

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of the budgie thus far. The five months we’ve had him have been an adventure to be sure, and we’re looking forward to what the future will bring with our little ball of spunk, love, and feathers.


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