Then There Were Four: New Budgies

Mr. Awesome: “Do you think you’ll want another bird?”

Me: “Eventually.”

Thus began our conversation that afternoon after losing Giacomo. I have to admit, my “eventually” could have simply been a solid yes, and I could see in Mr. Awesome’s face that he felt the same way. Over the past six months we adapted our lives to accommodating a bird, and neither of us were ready to give that up.

Mr. Awesome: “Have you thought about two birds?”

Yes, I had thought about two birds. I’d been thinking about two birds since before we got Giacomo. I liked the idea of having even more activity in the house, and even though I am a stay at home wife, there were some days when I felt I just couldn’t give Giacomo the interaction he demanded (whether rightly or not). And of course, there were times when neither of us were at home. Two birds could be good.

Or it could be bad.

Two birds meant more noise, more poop, and more little feathers floating around our hard wood floors. Two birds probably wouldn’t learn to talk. Two birds might bond strictly with each other and not give a hoot about us. Having relayed what I thought were the benefits and downsides to both options (and remaining fretfully indecisive), Mr. Awesome pointed out that if we didn’t try two birds, we would never know what it was like and always wonder.

We were getting two birds. The end.

But what species? Should we go bigger? Or should we just stick with what worked the last time? In a week we would be going on vacation for five days, and it would probably be a bad idea to bring birds home before we got back. So we had time to look. No need to rush.

That Saturday we made a two hour drive to attend a bird fair and stopped by a bird specific store. After looking around, talking to some people, and both of us getting chomped on by a couple of green cheeked conures, I announced on our drive home that I thought we should just stick with budgies.

But this time, I really wanted to try English budgies.

I had two American/Australian/wild type budgies as a kid (at different times). I remember the owner of the pet shop my mother used to work at gave me a book about budgies. Looking through it, I was surprised to learn that there were two different types of budgerigars. At one of the bird club meetings, I won a box of old American Budgerigar Society newsletters in a raffle and poured through them.  When we were looking for Giacomo, I wanted an English budgie, but didn’t find what I considered a decent prospect. And, I believe we were meant to have Giacomo when we did.

After a whole lot of praying, Googling, emailing, a few phone calls, and a Saturday spent driving two and a half hours each way, Mr. Awesome and I are happy to announce that our nest is no longer empty and have welcomed Robin (the green bird) and Tuck (the grey/blue pied) into our home.

photo (1)


6 thoughts on “Then There Were Four: New Budgies

  1. Sigh, commenting issues – apologies if there are fragmented bits floating about now.

    I tried to say your new pair are lovely, and look very at home! I have always found more birds easier to care for than one, funnily enough… I like having a full flock, and the fact that I can leave them alone and not worry because they have one another. More noise, mess, and work, yes, but I could never live with just one bird, haha!

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