A Post Revisited

The last couple of days have been gorgeous, weather wise. Sun. No snow. Temps above 30 degrees.

And then I wake up this morning and feel like I’m living in Narnia, pre-Aslan’s return. It’s bearable, though. Friday the temp is supposed to get into the mid 40s. One of these days spring will show up and hang around for a while.

The whole crazy weather situation reminded me of a post I wrote years ago for another blog when I was single and waiting. I wrote it when I was going through the nasty winter part of life. It was nice to go back and read it while basking in the sunshine of better days. I thought I might post it again here (with a couple of alterations) as a reminder that no matter how dark everything seems, with Jesus, there is always light after the darkness.


I was born and raised in the Midwest. Except for a relatively brief stint out in New England I have lived in America’s heartland my whole life and I must say, the summers here can’t be beat. They can enchant the most cynical of people: crops maturing slowly as the days pass, butterflies performing their aerial courtship dances between the wildflowers, cloudscapes so grand they could make mountains blush with envy, fireflies igniting the fields at dusk, and sunsets that shatter the heart. The summers here are downright seductive, and you lose yourself quickly in the joy of it all.

Midwestern winters, on the other hand, quickly become smothering and oppressive. Days and days string together without a wink of sunlight, the cold, the gloom, the dark. It folds you in its hands and dribbles into your heart. What you see outside your window becomes what you feel inside your soul and you begin to wonder if you’ve ever felt God’s presence at all.

Life with God seems to often have these sorts of ups and downs. One day we are at the pinnacle of Sinai, head back and arms splayed before the glory of the Almighty. The next we are in the pit, wading through mire just trying not to sink. We feel utterly alone, tricked into thinking our Maker has left us.

But of course, He has not:

 If I say, Only let me be covered by the dark, and the light about me be night; Even the dark is not dark to you; the night is as bright as the day: for dark and light are the same to you.

Psalm 139:11-12 (BBE)

 As I write this I look out my window into the blankness of February. Snow is beginning to fall and the sun will be setting shortly. It was another day in a long line of days spent waiting on God to fulfill the promises He made me. Still, post tenebras spero lucem: I hope for light after the darkness.

And the light is so much more beautiful for having gone through the dark days. If you’re still waiting, don’t give up. He is faithful and will bring you through.


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