For His Birthday

I bet God was excited.

Incalculable millennia ago when existence as we know it was still only in His mind, I bet God looked forward to March 21, 1985.

Because He knew, you see. He knew on that day at 3:28 pm you would show up, and I bet He smiled. Smiled because you would be His. Smiled because of all you would do. Smiled because He could see the man you would become.

How could He not? He designed you.

You may think I make too much of a fuss over your birthday, but it really isn’t any wonder. Your birthday was a promise to me before I was even born that I would not walk this earth solo, and I treasure that. All of those years worrying I would always be alone and He had answered my prayers even before I had lips to pray.

So yes, I make a big deal about it. And I’m excited too.

Excited to be your wife. Excited to see who you will become and what you will do. Excited to be with you until the end.

And I’m so, so proud of you.

Happy birthday, Mr. Awesome.


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