Anniversary Weekend at the National House Inn

Mr. Awesome and I were married one year on June 1. To celebrate we decided to take a trip, a belated honeymoon of sorts, since we stayed home and rested from our many travels the week after our wedding. We ended up going to a little town in Michigan called Marshall. In my internet ramblings I discovered that there was to be a Renaissance festival (something we both enjoy) the weekend of our anniversary at the fair grounds. Thinking this could potentially add up to an anniversary get away, I investigated a little deeper into what Marshall had to offer. It wasn’t long before I discovered the National House Inn, and boy, am I ever glad I did.


This was our first experience with a bed & breakfast, and I have to say it has completely changed my outlook on traveling and lodging. Built in 1835, the Inn has been kept in beautiful, historical condition. Yes, some of the floor boards creek and our door squeaked when you opened it, but what do you expect from a place that was build well before the Civil War?



One of the best parts of staying at the Inn was it’s location. As long as you’re up for a bit of a jaunt, you can enjoy most of Marshall on foot by stepping out the front door. We were even able to walk to our dinner reservations at Schuler’s Restaurant.


The Inn was cozy, homey. The hospitality of the innkeeper and staff only made our stay even more comfortable.





There wasn’t a lot of outdoor space, but what they had was charming.




As you can probably tell, I had an extremely good time taking photos of this beautiful, old place. Perhaps too many to put into one simple blog post.

(to be continued…)


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