Anniversary Weekend at the National House Inn: Part 2

I spent nearly two months praying for excellent weather on our special weekend, and God certainly gave it to us. It was low 80s and sunny every day except for some rain the morning we left. Thank You Lord!


The National House Inn has several rooms, each with their own name and decor. Mr. Awesome and I stayed in the Charles T. Gorham room that overlooks the Brooks Memorial Fountain and the traffic circle. During the day there was quite a bit of traffic noise, but it quieted down at night. Add to that the fact that we live in an urban area and the traffic didn’t bother us much at all.



Gorham had high ceilings, three big, beautiful windows, and some lovely furnishings.




IMG_0385This enormous wardrobe must have been nine or ten feet high, but unfortunately as many noted in the room’s guest book, it did not lead to Narnia.




The little guest book was enjoyable to page through. We were hardly the first couple to celebrate our anniversary in the Gorham room. If I remember correctly, others have held their 1st, 33rd, 53rd, and 56th anniversaries in this room.

The dining room was light and airy, brimming with history. Each window you looked out framed another old house, perhaps not as old as the Inn but old enough to retain a peaceful sense of life slowing down to be enjoyed.





 And what of breakfast? It was delicious.



Each morning we had a choice of an egg dish, hard boiled eggs, cereal, fruit, a sweet pastry, toast, and freshly made waffles. Orange juice, water, coffee, and tea were there for the taking.


The egg dish was very good, “exploding with flavor” as one guest put it. The lemon bread pictured about was fantastic, and the inn keeper very kindly gave me the recipe to take home. I’m also fairly sure the orange juice was fresh squeezed.

Besides breakfast, the Inn also served lemonade, iced tea, cookies, crackers, and cheese spread from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Homemade biscotti was always available, and if you wandered down to the entry in the evenings you could find popcorn.


All in all, our experience at the National House Inn was fantastic. The atmosphere was peaceful, helping you forget everyday worries and just slow down to enjoy each breath you take. I doubt Mr. Awesome and I could have found a more romantic place to spend our first anniversary, and I’m looking forward to returning in the future.




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