New Budgies: The Three Month Mark


We’ve had Robin and Tuck for a little over three months now. Though it has been difficult not to compare them with Giacomo and miss the one on one relationship we had with him, we are discovering the joys of having a bigger “flock”, and are enjoying the two little personalities who now call our condo home.

photo (2)

Robin is incredibly laid back, which surprises me since he was nearly a year old when we got him and probably hadn’t had much face to face human interaction up to that point. He learned to step up easily and now matter-of-factly, if somewhat lazily, steps onto our hands when offered. That is, unless he is sleepy, in which case the little grey feet wont budge and if he needs to be moved we have to gently scoop him up with both hands.

Robin claimed the top bird position fairly early on and goes to great lengths to be taller or higher up than Tuck, often claiming the top perch on their play area or stretching to his full height during inter-budgie disagreements. He isn’t quite as chatty or playful as Tuck (not much of a surprise, considering their age difference), but appears to be the “watch bird” in the arrangement, noticing potential “threats” outside and sending out a loud, barking call.

photo (2)

Tuck, on the other hand, is a little stinker, whom we’ve casually dubbed our “gremlin”. And I can’t say as it surprises me. When I first clapped eyes on him my thought was that he would be a pistol, and that’s exactly what we got. He’s spunky and playful, quite chatty, and will look you in the eye as if to say, “Yeah, so?”

We hadn’t had him long before he started nipping, presumably more from annoyance than anything else (he certainly doesn’t appear to be afraid of us), but we are working on it and are seeing improvements. He was still fairly young when we got him, so some of the nipping may be due to developmental stages.

Tuck doesn’t appear to be too upset that he is subordinate to Robin, though he will try to steal the top perch when he has the chance.

photo (1)

When we first brought them home we kept Robin and Tuck in the same cage, but after a while they seemed to have trouble sharing (don’t let the above picture fool you. That swing was the cause of a two to three week argument war, as was the mirror you can see in the background). Worried one of them might fall off a perch in a confrontation and hurt themselves, we decided to try giving them each their own cage (and swing, and mirror) and bump them up next to each other. They still get play stand time together, which is becoming a bigger and bigger portion of their day. Our plan is to eventually get a much larger cage and bring them back together, but until their flight feathers grow back in and they are able to keep themselves from falling, the two cage arrangement seems to be the best way to go.


We are enjoying our new flock, and I’d like to think Robin and Tuck are as well. They like preening my hair and Mr. Awesome’s beard, and jabber at us sometimes. They are both on my shoulder as I write this. Tuck is nibbling on my ear and Robin is trying to take a nap. Both Mr. Awesome and I are thankful for our little feathered blessings. They had some big shoes to fill, but the longer we have them, the more it feels like they truly belong here.


4 thoughts on “New Budgies: The Three Month Mark

  1. They are so terribly cute! It makes me wish I had space for more in my flock. Hopefully you’ll have many, many years with your two beauties. 😀

    1. Thank you so much S Stull! I’m definitely praying that we get longer with these guys than we did with Giacomo. My mother had a parakeet when I was very young that lived 13 years. Hoping for that or longer with these two 🙂

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