Update On The Flock: Part One

As I indicated in yesterday’s post, 2016 has been a bumpy year full of changes in our household, and even more so for our little flock. From the time we brought Robin and Tuck home all the way through 2015, the days passed without major incident bird wise. We moved the budgie cages around until we found the location they seemed happiest and worked best for us- our loft/office space. It has an east facing window, is on the second floor, and stays warm during our long, Midwestern winters. Add to all of this the fact that we spend a good portion of our time there as it’s where the computers are (Mr. Awesome is a video game designer after all) and it would seem we have found the optimum location for bird placement within our condo. And so, Mr. Awesome and I established a gentle rhythm with our two feathered housemates. They had their routine, we had ours.

Then one morning this spring Robin started gagging and vomiting up foam. We took him to the vet who, after listening to his heart, detected a murmur. An X-ray revealed fluid in his chest cavity. Robin was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and given a diuretic injection. The vet indicated that the shot and an oral diuretic would give him a few days, maybe a couple of weeks, so we brought Robin home thinking the best we could do is try to keep him calm and comfortable until the end came. We prayed for the little guy. We didn’t want to lose him.


One of the (many) awesome things about God is He cares about the little things in your life, even the tiny details you don’t think have any significance on the world at large. When we brought Robin home we thought we had maybe a few days with him and assumed we were on a death watch… but he perked up. We started giving him the oral diuretic the vet prescribed and the days turned into weeks, the weeks into months. He got feisty again (something to do with the fact the medication is 11.6% alcohol perhaps?), and hassled Tuck with renewed energy. Five months later, he’s still here, ruling the roost and alerting us to every “threat” that passes his window, or calling to the birds outside.  I don’t know how long we’ll get to keep him, how long his little heart will hold out, but I’m thankful for whatever time God gives us with him.

After Robin’s heart scare, things calmed down and went as back to normal as they could with Mr. Awesome and I watching for signs of his condition deteriorating. We were thankful to have found an avian vet we really liked and felt we could trust. We were thankful to have our little flock still intact. No more waves…

And then we heard about Willow.

…to be continued…






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