September 2016 Chop Batch


I’ve been putting it off but finally decided it was time to just get it done, time to make a new batch of chop. Chop can make feeding your birds for the next few (or several) months a lot easier in many ways, but chop day can be a long day, especially when you are the sort of person who feels they must use every dish and cooking utensil in the house while cooking.

What chop is and how it is made has been written about by persons vastly more qualified than myself, so if chop is new to you, I highly recommend you have a look at what they have to say.

So… what wen’t into this batch?

Bean soup mix (minus the seasoning)

Brown rice

Wild rice



Frozen corn (defrosted)



Brussels sprouts



Red bell pepper

Yellow summer squash

This was meant to be a conservative, trial batch to see if Willow would eat it. Mr. Awesome wisely pointed out that creating a massive batch before seeing if she liked it was probably a bad idea. The budgies are used to eating chop and grain bake, so I wasn’t too concerned about whether or not they would eat it.

As chop batches go, I give this an 8/10 for the budgies, and a 5/10 for Willow. I chopped the vegetables too fine for them to appeal to Willow. In the future I should probably just hand chop the vegetables for her chop instead of throwing them in the food processor. I also want to really focus on adding a better variety of vegetables to future chop batches. I have a tendency to focus a bit too hard on the grains.

One thing I did do differently in this batch of chop that I really liked was to use only fresh vegetables, not a mix of fresh and frozen. This helped to keep things from getting too mushy, something I was sure would turn Willow off instantly.

And how was it received? Willow hasn’t shown much interest, and I’m not sure the budgies have either. It is going to take some creativity on my part to get them excited about it. It’s going to take time and patience, but I’m praying we’ll get there.



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