Weekend Project: DIY Plant Stand

A little over a year ago I decided I needed houseplants.

All of the houseplants.

Over the next several months I dumped a couple hundred dollars into living greenery and dispersed it about the condo with glee, Mr. Awesome no doubt thinking I’d gone a bit mad.

Long story short, some of the plants lived, some met early deaths, but I did manage to keep a few favorites alive through the winter with the help of a good deal of praying and the two humidifiers we were constantly filling. When spring gets here, I thought to myself, I can unplug the humidifiers, do a bit of fertilizing, and the plants will take off. I spent many spare moments fantasizing of the verdant jungle Mr. Awesome and I would be living in come summer.

Boy, was I wrong.

I over watered, over or under fertilized, moved them to locations they didn’t appreciate, chilled them with air conditioning, and generally neglected them throughout what should have been their season of glory. The result being now most of them look down right awful.

Not really being in the position to throw down another $65 on another fiddle leaf fig (Ficus lyrata) if the one I have fizzles out, I decided it might be a good idea to see if I couldn’t take some cuttings to make my own baby fiddle leaf figs. But where would I put them once I did?

Also, I was praying for a project on Saturday to keep me from brooding over Arthur’s situation and life in general. Thank You, Lord, for some inspiration.

The previous owners of our condo left an old, wooden ladder behind which I had painted a while ago and used as a place to hang throws and an old quilt my grandmother gave me. Seeing as ladders are all the rage in blogs and Pinterest boards, it wasn’t hard to know  what to do with it. Said previous owners also left behind some sturdy glass shelves, God bless them.


I dug out just about all of the vases we had, filled them, and made my fiddle leaf fig cuttings. The plant in the silver pot is a young Monstera deliciosa I started a while ago.


Mr. Awesome said he liked the way the shelves looked (win!). I agree with him, though it will need some tweaking to level the shelves. I’m also not a huge fan of where it is located, but if I want the cuttings to send out roots they will need plenty of light, so their location near a pair of south facing sliders is where they will stay for the time being.



If all of these cuttings take off, I’m going to have to adopt out baby fiddle leaf figs.


Now would perhaps be a good point to mention the potential dangers houseplants can pose to parrots. There are currently no plants in our bird room, and we make sure the birds aren’t munching on the plants outside of their room. From what I can see Monstera deliciosa is toxic to parrots, and Ficus lyrata most likely is as well. If you have parrots (or other pets) and houseplants, be sure to research whether or not they are dangerous for your birds. It would probably be wise to check a few different sources while you are at it, just to be sure. If in doubt, keep the two apart. Below I’ve listed some links of places to research whether or not a particular plant is bird safe. Also, please note, just because a plant is not toxic to dogs, cats, or other animals does not necessarily mean it will not hurt your bird:

The ASPCA’s list

Parrot Products Picture Library’s list

Bird Channel’s list

peteducation.com (Doctors Foster and Smith)’s list


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