Are You Sure You Want A Parrot?

Let’s face it, having birds looks exotic and exciting from the outside looking in, and that’s where many become ensnared.

Most people don’t truly realize what goes into living with a parrot, or how time consuming and difficult it can be.They see only the flash and glitz, and none of the daily dirt. This can result in the bird suffering, being surrendered, or re-homed; something that could easily have been prevented if the human involved had an idea of what living with a parrot is really like.

That’s what I hope to convey in these (hopefully weekly) Are You Sure You Want A Parrot? posts. Don’t get me wrong, I love our birds. I thank God for them, but as with many things in life there are struggles and challenges that go along with the joys and high points. Living with parrots isn’t all sunshine and butterflies.  I hope by sharing these pictorials anyone who is considering taking on a parrot will stop a moment and truly ask themselves, am I sure I want one???

This, from a bird who loves me.



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