About Budgie Makes Three


I’m a born again Christian. I believe the Bible and everything in it. I dearly hope to honor Jesus in all that I do, including this blog.  I’m married to Mr. Awesome, my amazing video game designer husband. We live in a Midwestern condo with our budgie Robin and our African Grey Willow.

I’m a stay at home wife with a moderate to severe gardening obsession and a compulsive desire to purchase seeds. Living in a condo we have no land on which to grow but I am working on putting the 516 sq feet of deck, porch, and balcony space we do have to good agricultural use.

I also do a bit of embroidery.





4 thoughts on “About Budgie Makes Three

  1. There’s an affinity here…I too lost my dear little wonderful budgie last year. It was devastating for me, and I am sorry for your loss too. Thanks for your blog, I will look forward to more of your budgie posts…..!

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