Grocery Haul + Bits n Pieces

So this is what we woke up to this morning: While snow in April isn't exactly unusual, it is disheartening. That said, the weather looks as though it (oh, please Lord Jesus) will be warming up around Wednesday next week, though I've been disappointed by my weather app a couple of times already this year. … Continue reading Grocery Haul + Bits n Pieces


Ad Hoc Cake Mix Bash

I find I enjoy cooking and baking the most when it's on the fly. I'd rather open the pantry, see what I have to work with, and try to make do than follow a recipe. It's exploratory cooking, and I find it extremely satisfying. That's exactly what happened yesterday. I had a name brand, boxed … Continue reading Ad Hoc Cake Mix Bash

Dreaming of A Potted Paradise: A Garden of Containers

A few months ago I had an epiphany. Since the craziness of getting married and our first holidays as a married couple had passed, I finally realized something: I'm the woman of this house and I can, so long as Mr. Awesome doesn't hate it, make improvements to/decorate our condo. Bam. Now, this may not seem … Continue reading Dreaming of A Potted Paradise: A Garden of Containers