Of Parrots and Bathrooms

Everyone needs their spot- a place of solitude where you can pray, relax, recharge. A "happy place", if you will. Willow's "happy place" is our second floor guest bathroom. When we brought Willow home, Mr. Awesome and I had few options of where to put the the 2 1/2 ft. x 2 1/2 ft. x … Continue reading Of Parrots and Bathrooms


Hanging On

When the phone rang Wednesday afternoon and the woman on the other end asked if she could speak with me, I responded, "This is she." "This is So-and-So with Such-and-Such Animal Clinic. Arthur's chlamydia test results came back and they're negative" "Oh praise God! Thank you." "Have a nice day." "You too." "Bye." Not an exact quote, but … Continue reading Hanging On